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Late Fall 2009-Spring 2010:
U15-U18 Academy Teams

Evaluation Information Form

FC Copa is pleased to announce tryouts for it's U15-U18 Boys and Girls Academy teams for seasonal year 2009-2010 (beginning in late fall)

Player Evaluations will be conducted by age group as listed in the tables below.  Current teams may also selectively evaluate players by invitation to team training sessions.  All prospective players should first complete the Evaluation Information Form.   If specific dates aren't listed, we will contact you with available dates/times.  Please note the age group tables to ensure you're selecting the proper age group for your date of birth.

Share in the success of this young regional club and be a part of not just a team, but a tight-knit community of players, parents and coaches. Benefit from mentorship by top players from the older club teams.
Players who are dedicated and committed to furthering their soccer development will find FC Copa to be the ideal home. We seek to develop players to be capable of playing in college. Our focus is on helping players to reach their maximum potential through a structured, progressive curriculum. While playing top level competition will be a given, the necessity to win every game is not a goal - we view winning as a result.

FALL 2009 - SPRING 2010
Age Group Definitions

U11 U12 U13 U14
8/1/98 -
8/1/97 -
8/1/96 -
8/1/95 -
U15 U16 U17 U18
8/1/93 -
8/1/92 -
8/1/91 -

OPEN Academy Team Tryouts by Date/Time
  24-JAN 22-JAN
7:30-9:00pm   U15 Boys
3:00-4:30pm  U17, U18 Girls  
OPEN Academy Team Tryouts by Age/Gender
Age Dates Location
U15 Boys 1/22 St Mary/St Peter Academy
U17, U18 Girls 1/24 St Mary/St Peter Academy


Current Academy Team INVITATIONAL Tryouts by Date/Time
(These teams are looking to fill selective positions)
You MUST complete the
Evaluation Information Form and receive an email invitation before attending

Team Date/Time Location
U15G Real
Sun, Jan 25, Feb 1 6:00-7:30pm St Mary/St Peter Academy

Merrill Park, Iselin


  • Pre-register by completing the evaluation information form online.

  • Arrive no later than 15 minutes before scheduled start of tryout session to sign in.

  • Be warmed-up and ready to begin at the scheduled start time.

  • Bring a ball and water.

  • You should make every effort to attend both tryout sessions

  • Do not wear any club or team identifying clothing