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General Policy

The goal of the FC Copa Financial Aid and Scholarship Fund is to make the club soccer experience available to all qualified soccer players who have the talent and commitment, but who may not otherwise be able to afford the expense of competitive club soccer. Qualification takes into consideration financial needs as well as other factors that may influence a player’s ability to play at FC Copa. However, since the financial resources of the FC Copa Financial Aid Fund are limited, the availability and amount of scholarships is also limited to true financial hardship situations. Aid is not always available and varies season to season due to the availability of funds.


Players receiving financial aid and their families are required to exert a maximum effort to do volunteer work for team(s) or/and Club sponsorships or functions as assigned. Failure to do so may result in a review of the financial aid granted. All financial aid applicants are expected to pay the reduced Player Fees on the same payment schedule as other players unless approved otherwise by the VP of Operations and/or scholarship committee. Parents/Guardians of scholarship players will be expected to participate in club and team fundraisers as scheduled.
Financial Aid Approval
Before financial aid is awarded, the parents or guardians of the prospective player must complete the Financial Aid Application. If the required paperwork is not provided by date requested, or if the Financial Aid Committee determines that there is insufficient basis for aid based on need, the application will be denied. Additionally, the committee may propose a payment plan which extends the payment dates to accommodate a families ability to pay. All decisions will be made on a case by case basis.
All financial aid requests must be approved by the Financial Aid Committee. The FC Copa Financial Aid Committee will review ALL Financial Aid Applications. The Financial Aid Committee will then make a recommendation on each application request to the committee Chair Person for approval. The parent will receive written notification of the decision whether or not the aid has been approved.
All information contained in the Financial Aid Application will be kept confidential, but some information may be provided to the coach and manager of the player’s team to ensure that the program is implemented to the best benefit of the player.
Normally, no aid will be awarded to cover the cost of the uniforms, camps, or travel costs. However, there may be some extreme circumstances where a child may receive additional assistance. In the event a child meets the Federal Poverty Guidelines as reflected in the Federal Register, a child may receive more financial assistance, including tournament fees, uniform fees and other team activity fees. However, these funds are extremely limited.  In these situations, some accommodation may still be made by working with the coach, team manager and or Financial Aid Committee. Financial Aid will not cover cost of additional items purchased, such as soccer balls, winter jackets and other non-uniform items.
Commitment of Financial Aid Players

Aid recipients will be expected to conform fully to the policies of FC Copa regarding behavior and conduct. In the event that a scholarship player fails to perform all agreed sponsorship and other volunteer activities, attend training sessions, matches, tournaments, or other FC Copa events, the scholarship may be withdrawn immediately in whole or in part.
All Financial Aid applications are vaild for one soccer year and applications must be submitted each year if the applicant wishes to be considered. All Financial Aid applications and required paperwork are due by August 1 of each year. 
For more information on the Financial Aid program, to apply for aid, or to donate to the FC Copa Financial Aid and Scholarship fund, please contact at .